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Welcome to The Academy of Swimming
The Academy of Swimming pride ourselves on offering premier swimming instruction and training at two of Australia’s finest sports and aquatic facilities: the Harold Holt Swim Centre and the Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre (GESAC). Located in Melbourne’s dynamic south-eastern suburbs, our academy is dedicated to fostering a love for swimming, whether for recreation or competition.

Our Facilities
Harold Holt Swim Centre and GESAC are renowned for their state-of-the-art amenities. These centers provide an ideal environment for swimmers of all levels to train, develop, and excel. With their cutting-edge pools and top-notch support services, these facilities ensure that every swimmer has access to the best resources available. Our association with these centers reflects our commitment to providing a high-quality training environment that supports every swimmer’s journey.

Our Philosophy
At the heart of our program is a focus on great technique. We believe that mastering the fundamentals of swimming is essential for both enjoyment and performance. Whether our swimmers are pursuing competitive goals or simply looking to enjoy the water, our emphasis on technique ensures they are equipped with the skills needed for success.

Recreational Pathway
Our recreational pathway is designed for individuals who wish to improve their swimming skills without the pressure of competition. This program supports swimmers in refining their technique, fostering friendships, engaging in cross-training for various sports, and maintaining a consistent exercise regimen. We recognize the importance of a balanced approach to fitness and wellbeing, and our recreational pathway offers a flexible yet structured environment for swimmers to thrive.

Participants in our recreational program benefit from personalized coaching that focuses on technique improvement. Our coaches work closely with swimmers to identify areas for enhancement and provide tailored guidance. Beyond the technical aspects, we emphasize the social and health benefits of swimming. Building camaraderie among swimmers, encouraging regular physical activity, and promoting a love for the sport are central to our recreational pathway.

Competitive Pathway
For those with a desire to compete, our competitive pathway offers rigorous training aimed at fine-tuning technique, coordination, and overall performance. This program caters to swimmers who are ready to enter competitions and seek to achieve their personal best. Our experienced coaches provide expert guidance and support, helping swimmers to develop the skills and mindset needed for competitive success.

In the competitive pathway, swimmers receive advanced training that builds their technique and endurance. Our program includes regular assessments to track progress and identify areas for improvement. We also emphasize the importance of mental preparation and strategic thinking in competitive swimming. By providing a comprehensive training regimen, we ensure that our swimmers are well-prepared to compete at various levels.

Join Us 
Whether you’re looking to swim for fun or aiming to compete at a high level, The Academy of Swimming offers a supportive and high-quality environment to help you achieve your goals. Our expert coaches, world-class facilities, and commitment to excellence make us a leading provider of swimming training in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs.

We invite you to explore the opportunities available at the Academy of Swimming. Join us at the Harold Holt Swim Centre or GESAC and become part of a community that values technique, fosters friendships, and celebrates the joy of swimming. Together, we can help you develop your skills, reach your potential, and enjoy the many benefits of this wonderful sport. Dive into your swimming journey with us today!