The M1 Swimming Club allows Academy of Swimming members to participate in organized competitions. Swimmers wishing to enter swim meets are required to join the M1 Swim Club which is affiliated with Swim Victoria.

Training with the Academy of Swimming will continue as normal if you join the Swimming Club. The advantage in racing is that our coaching team are able to watch your child test technique learnt at training in a racing environment. We recommend that swimmers wishing to join the M1 Swimming Club train at least 2 sessions each week.

How to join the M1 Swimming Club?
To become a member, go to 

What costs are involved?
Annual membership fee
Club uniform
Competition entry fees

Where is the club uniform available to purchase?
Uniform can be purchased at Swimwear Galore by clicking here

Competition calendar (updated regularly)
Please click here for details

Competitive Swimmer Fee
Throughout the season, swimmers may attend meets at which our coaches are in attendance. To support the cost of providing coaching staff at nominated meets, an annual competitive levy applies to each squad family who is registered with Swimming Victoria / M1 Swimming Club. This payment of $100 will be added to a members next direct debit payment after joining the M1 Swimming Club.

Coaches from the Malvern Academy of Swimming and Glen Eira Academy of swimming will be in attendance at nominated meets subject to a minimum number of swimmers entering. Coaches are not responsible for the supervision of swimmers at swim meets.