Our membership model values ongoing participation, taking into account even non-training periods, such as school holidays. To make things simple and manageable for you, we’ve designed our payment structure in a way that spreads the fees evenly throughout the year. Our total yearly fees are calculated based on the weeks of actual training, rather than the total weeks in a year. This way, you’re only paying for the value you receive. The monthly fee remains consistent throughout the 12-month period, providing a predictable and straightforward payment plan. Fees will be charged regardless of a swimmer’s attendance with the exception of prolonged absences of more than 3 weeks through injury or illness. The method of payment for monthly squad fees is via direct debit which is processed on the first business day of the month. Families are required to fill in an Enrolment form and a direct debit request form and return prior to beginning in the Academy of Swimming program.

School holidays – No Training 
Saturday 29 June 2024 until we return from Monday July 15

Planned Absences
Please do not include non-training dates listed above within requested adjustment.

  • Complete an absence adjustment form, click here
  • Return form 14 days prior to the period of absence.
  • Minimum 4 weeks
  • Maximum 8 weeks

Medical Adjustments
If a swimmer suffers any serious injuries or illnesses which necessitate a prolonged absence from training of more than 3 weeks, consideration may be given to adjusting the account in the following month. If you wish to apply for a squad account adjustment:

  • Complete medical fee adjustment form
  • Provide a medical certificate showing the date the swimmer attended the medical practitioner, details of the medical clinic, doctor’s details and stating that a swimmer is unable to train for a minimum of 3 weeks