Development sessions

We are excited to announce that the Academy will be running specialized Swimming Stroke and Drill Development Sessions during our regular training times.

These sessions are designed to enhance your swimming skills and techniques through focused practice and expert guidance.

Key Features of the Development Sessions:

Stroke Improvement:
Detailed coaching on each swimming stroke (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly) to refine techniques and improve efficiency.

Drill Development:
A variety of drills to enhance strength, speed, and endurance.

Expert Feedback:
With three coaches on deck, you will receive personalized and immediate feedback to help you progress faster.

Race ready:
Learning racing skills ready for our Academy M1 Gala on August 31st at MSAC, click here for details.

Further details:
These sessions will take place with our regular training sessions

– Monday August 5
– Tuesday August 20

Harold Holt Swim Centre
– Thursday August 15
– Tuesday August 27

What to Bring:
Normal training equipment
Positive attitude and readiness to learn

These development sessions are a fantastic opportunity to take your swimming to the next level. Whether you are aiming to perfect your technique, increase your speed, or build endurance, our experienced coaches are here to support and guide you.

We look forward to seeing you at the pool and working together to achieve your swimming goals!