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Latest update, July 20
In line with the Victorian Government lockdown, training has been suspended and we will keep you updated.

Important Dates

Last day of Term 3
Friday, September 17

Non Training Period
Saturday, September 18 to Sunday October 3

First day of Term 4
Monday, October 4

Melbourne Cup Weekend (No Training)
Saturday October 30, Monday November 1 and Tuesday November 2

Last day of Term 4
Friday, December 17

Interested in Competitive Swimming?

The M1 Swimming Club allows Academy of Swimming members to participate in organized competitions. Swimmers wishing to enter swim meets are required to join the M1 Swimming Club which is affiliated with Swim Victoria.

How do I know if my child is ready?
Members within the Academy are all at a standard in which they can start entering swim meets. We take care in selecting a range of different meets for our swimmers from a first timer to a state level.

Training with the Academy of Swimming will continue as normal if you join the Swimming Club. The advantage in racing is that our coaching team are able to watch your child test technique learnt at training in a racing environment. We recommend that swimmers wishing to race train at least 2 sessions each week. Simply click here for further information about the M1 Swimming Club

Competition Calendar
The competition calendar is updated regularly and please click here for further details