Our Team

The academy team are all passionate individuals working on every aspect of educating and learning, they understand the benefits of systemised and innovative coaching programs and importantly, they care for children and ensure their experience is safe and fun.

Many of our coaching team are past swimmers from our program and our system is designed to ensure all new staff undergo preliminary training, including class observation and shared coaching before they teach their own classes. All coaches are continuously observed and mentored and given additional training workshops on specific methods and principles to ensure their ongoing professional development.

As part of their training, a swimming coach undergoes a very high and rigorous level of training, with emphasis placed on the following key areas:

  • Swim Biometrics: a study of correct technique;
  • Sports Medicine: a study of sports injuries, management and treatment;
  • Sports Psychology:  a study of effective training, coaching and mentoring techniques and adaptations for varied skill levels.
  • Monitoring: a study of ensuring continued progress and adjusting training methods accordingly with increases in skill sets.  
  • Talent Identification: a study of technique and physique to ensure that programs are tailored to maximise existing skill sets.