General Information

Payments and direct debitsFees are debited from your nominated account on the first business day of each month, on an ongoing basis.  Squad Fees are debited by Ezidebit on behalf of the Malvern Academy of Swimming and Glen Eira Academy of Swimming. If you have nominated payment from your credit card account, the transaction will be listed as ‘Ezidebit’ on your statement. Dishonoured payments incur a fee charged by Ezidebit ($14.80 as of October 2017). If you need to change your Ezidebit account details at anytime, please email us and request a change of details form.

  • The Academy of Swimming fees are charged monthly by direct debit from your nominated savings account or credit card.
  • Fees are debited on the first business day of each month, 12 months per year.
  • Fees are debited on an ongoing basis.
  • A 2.2% transaction charge applies if paying by credit card and a 0.88 cent transaction charge applies if paying from a savings account.
  • The Academy of Swimming utilises Ezidebit for all direct debits. If selecting to pay by credit card, the Academy of Swimming fees will be listed as ‘Ezidebit’ on your bank statement.
  • Each monthly payment  covers a four-week period.

Competitive swimmer fee
Academy members interested in participating in competitive swimming can join the M1 Swimming Club online at anytime. Throughout the swimming season, swimmers attend approximately between 20 to 80 hours at swim meets at which our coaches are in attendance. To support the cost of providing coaching staff at nominated swim meets, an annual competitive swimmer levy applies to each squad family who is registered with Swimming Victoria & M1 Swimming Club. . For M1 Swimming club members within our program, a fee of $160 per family will be debited on September 15th or once a member joins during the season.

Contact details – Have you moved house recently? Changed your email or phone number?

Sessions per week – Simply contact us if you wish to increase or decrease the number of sessions your child is attending each week.

Parents ResponsibilityThe Academy of Swimming is not responsible for members outside class times.

Flexible TimetableMembers are reminded that you are not locked into the same session each week. Standard training times, days, pools and locations may vary from time to time, particularly on public holidays where we don’t hold training and during school holidays when we hold training of a morning due to pool availability.

Public Holidays
Our program does not operate on public holidays throughout the year.

Ongoing Enrolment
Your child is enrolled in our program on an ongoing basis with no need to rebook.

Fee Adjustment
Participation in the squad system is considered to be an annual involvement; therefore the same monthly fee is payable for all 12 months of the year. Fees will be charged regardless of a swimmers attendance and for prolonged absences of more than 3 weeks members are required to fill in a fee adjustment form.

Stop Training PolicyIn order to offer you the convenience of our flexible program, we require notice by the 15th of the month with a completed “stop training form” via email to if you wish to take a break or stop for the following month. If we receive a “stop training form” after the 15th of the month, the upcoming direct debit will take place and the swimmer is able to swim for the month covered by your final payment. Please note that no refunds will be provided.